Pensions for Business Owners & Directors

Using a pension scheme is a sensible strategy to provide income to fund your retirement, rather than relying on your business to provide an income.

A pension can be a tax efficient way of extracting the profits from your business

You receive tax relief at your highest rate on any personal contributions and your company contributions do not incur income tax or national insurance. We can help you to structure your pensions in order to benefit both you as an individual and your business.

It’s important for you to consider your own retirement needs and even if you own the business, don’t rely on selling your company as a guaranteed source of income on your retirement

Many business owners depend upon the future sale of their business to generate their retirement funds. However, by putting business assets such as cash profits, commercial property or land into a pension arrangement, business owners could:

  • Enjoy a number of tax advantages
  • Use money paid into the pension fund to expand your business now
  • Build up a substantial retirement nest egg.

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