Defined Benefit Pension Transfers

In 2015, the government implemented changes to how those saving for retirement could take their benefits. This was known as ‘Pension Freedoms’.

Those changes did not include those whose benefits were held in a Defined Benefit pension arrangement otherwise known as a Final Salary pension.

As a result, those who have a Final Salary pension have begun to consider transferring to alternative pension arrangements in order to take advantage of pension freedoms.

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and have permission to provide advice on pension transfers, opt-outs and safeguarded benefits.

We currently have 2 pension transfer experts who have passed the Advanced Pensions exams as required by the Financial Conduct Authority.

A transfer may not be suitable for everyone and advice should always be sought before making any investment decisions. However it is worth reviewing your options as it may be possible to gain greater flexibility and control of your retirement plans.

We have recently helped a client retire at 55, much earlier than she thought was possible.

Brancaster House has been awarded the Pension Transfer Gold Standard from the Pensions Advice Taskforce, a representative industry body set up by the Personal Finance Society. The ‘Gold Standard’ is a voluntary code of good conduct for Safeguarded and Defined Benefit Pension Transfers advice.

Further information can be found on the PFS website:

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    Defined Benefit Pension Transfers

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