Building your investment portfolio is much more than choosing products, it takes into account tax saving opportunities, your attitude toward risk and reward as well as balancing the need for growth, income or both.

Whether it’s because you’ve had a windfall or built up a tidy nest egg by saving on a regular basis, your money should be invested wisely so that its spending power is protected for the future. Leaving large amounts of money in banks or building societies often reduces the spending power of your money due to inflation, and may not be the answer long term.

We will conduct a review of your current financial position, goals, ambitions and objectives and discuss your needs before making recommendations for your portfolio.

Throughout life, our needs, priorities and goals change. A regular review of any savings and investments is paramount to their success. We actively manage your portfolio and meet with you regularly to discuss and action any necessary changes.

Whether you’re a first time saver or investor, or you just need an impartial view of your existing arrangements, our Financial Planners can assess how your money should be managed.

  • Family wealth- our experience has shown the value to clients of looking at their family picture as a whole. Are you worried about paying inheritance tax for a family member or parent? Are you worried about loss of wealth through care home fees?
  • Sudden wealth- have you attained wealth suddenly through a lottery win, divorce settlement, inheritance,¬†compensation or medical negligence award, or sold a property or business? For sudden wealth to become lasting wealth, financial management is crucial.
  • We all want our children to have a good education¬†and perhaps go on to university, but with ever increasing costs, how will you afford it? We can help you plan and prepare for the costs of school fees and university.

The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invested.

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